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Gemstones are treated with a variety of methods to improve their colour and clarity. Methods like heat treatment, irradiation and fracture filling are widely accepted in the trade today, however some treatments are deemed unacceptable and the buyer should beware. All accepted treatment methods are those that will change the colour of the gemstone permanently.

Gemstone dealers should fully disclose any  treatments to the buyer.  Treatments are disclosed on the product page of all of the gemstones found on www.damonaonlineshop.com.  We hope that the information on the different treatment methods on our website will also provide added information to help educate you.

Bear in mind that most gemstones sold in the marketplace today are treated and that this is a perfectly legitimate practice as long as all facts are disclosed to the buyer. If you know the facts, then you can feel safe about buying a gemstone that you will enjoy for many years to come.