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      Flat Plate Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater 150L WAMBAT



      • High efficiency heat pipe type flat plate collector
      • Anti-freeze design
      • Well insulated solar storage tank
      • Thermosiphon solar storage tank
      • Materials of ConstructionFlat Plate Collector


        Absorber: 0.3mm BlueTec Solar AL
        Absorber Emittance: 5%±2%
        Absorber Absorption: 95%±2%
        Header: ¢22 x 0.8mm
        Heat Pipes: 14(head) x 6(thickness) x 1700(length)mm
        Heat Pipe Spacing: 110mm (total of 8 heat pipes)
        Glass: 3.2mm 92% Transmittance
        Collector Body: Anodized AL (black)
        Insulation: 20mm rock wool bottom

        20mm PF Resin sides

        Back Sheet: 0.4mm Galvanized steel sheet

        Storage Tank

        Inner Tank: Food grade SUS304(SUS316 optional)
        Outer Tank: PVDF coated
        Insulation: High density polyurethane 50mm
        Mounting Frame: Galvanized steel 1.5mm, SUS304 Fasteners
        Max. Pressure: 6 bar

        All order is not with installation and price is only free shipping for Durban anther places is exclude shipping

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